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High-voltage products

1. Protective silicone shell

The technology of high-voltage products manufacturing is based on the use of liquid two-component silicone rubber. The protective silicone shell of the product is formed in the press mold in one technological cycle by the rubber die casting, while the length of the products insulating part can reach 6,000 mm, depending on the customer's needs. The uniqueness of the technology lies in the possibility to produce a solid cast of rubber covering of polymer products with voltage up to 500 kV inclusive, which can not be achieved with traditional technologies using hard rubbers. The entire production process is carried out on injection-molding machines with microprocessor control. Pouring the protective silicone shell on the prepared fiberglass tube with flanges is the final operation of this technology.

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Fig. 1Fig. 2

As shown in Fig. 1, the components A and B, which are in the liquid state, are pumped into the metering devices by means of a hydraulic feeding system, after which the components A and B are mixed with the required dye in a static mixer and their further entry into the mold (Fig. 2) with a preliminarily prepared glass fiber tube. The tube preparation consists of pressing the flanges and treating it with a primer. Pouring the rubber on the fiberglass tube and flanges. This technology provides high leaktight integrity and reliability of the products.

Заливка оболочки на фланцы.Общий вид прессформы с установленной, готовой для заливки трубой.Половина прессформы.Подготовленная к заливке стеклопластиковая труба с установленными фланцами.Система гидравлической подачи силиконовой резины в пресс.

2. Insulating and supporting elements

The main supporting and insulating element of polymer products is a glass fiber rod or tube with high electrical and mechanical strength. Diameters of rods and tubes are determined from the product design features.

Стеклопластиковые трубы разных диаметров и с разными толщинами стенок.Стеклопластиковые трубы разных диаметров и с разными толщинами стенок.

3. Flanges

The flanges used are made of aluminum alloys with high corrosion resistance and low specific gravity. The flanges are mounted on a glass fiber tube using the method developed by our specialists. At the customer's request, the flanges can be manufactured in any configuration and of various materials.



4. Phase-by-phase coloring

Currently, polymer products with a phase-by-phase coloring of protective silicone shell (PSS) are in great demand.

Liquid technologies are firm guarantees.